Amis Farby Proszkowe Sp. z o.o. pays special attention to Safety and Environment Protection issues. The company is aware of its responsibility for the safety within its production plant and of manufactured goods, as well as for meeting legislation requirements.

Being an enterprise that cares about workplace safety and the environment, the company adopted a general strategy of reducing its negative impact on the environment and of eliminating occupational hazards at all stages, starting from the manufacturing process up to goods distribution in the market. At the same time, the company focuses on manufacturing more and more ecological products, that are safe for health of both the employees and customers, as well as on contributing to natural environment protection.

Moreover, according to its CSR policy, Amis Farby Proszkowe Sp. z o.o. shows its commitment to local community by supporting the local football team, DKS Dobre Miasto.




93g Piłsudskiego St.

10-449 Olsztyn, Poland

Tel. +48 89 537 51 52

Production Plant:

Nowa Wieś Mała 32

11-040 Dobre Miasto, Poland

Tel. +48 89 532 44 10