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Amis J. Mamątow Sp.J. was set up in 1983. It is a family business, the founder and main shareholder of which is Mr. Jerzy Mamątow.

Amis J. Mamątow Sp.J. started operating as a construction company. In 1990, it evolved into a trading enterprise, offering building materials and accessories for interior design.

The next stage of the company’s growth and expansion was focusing the trade on sales and distribution of highly professional products in the field of industrial paints, both liquid and powder ones, in 1997.

Thanks to many years’ experience in sales and distribution of industrial paints and due to dynamic development of Amis J. Mamątow Sp.J., a related company, Naber Polska Sp. z o.o., was set up in 2005. The new unit has been aimed at manufacturing powder paints. More information about Naber Polska Sp. z o.o. is available on www.naberpolska.pl .

Amis J. Mamątow Sp.J. concentrates its activity on carpentry industry (furniture, woodwork), as well as metal, glass and plastic production in a broad sense. The company offers industrial liquid paints for wood, glass, plastic, metal, as well as industrial powder paints. Moreover, Amis J. Mamątow Sp.J. supplies building industry with decorative wall and façade paints. The company’s trading strategy is aimed mainly at industrial customers who require more advanced, high-quality products and more complex technological service when it comes to the paints’ application and use.

Amis J. Mamątow Sp.J. cooperates with a few foreign partners. It imports and exports goods. The company distributes industrial liquid and powder paints within the territory of Poland and Eastern European countries, where the goods are exported.

The headquarters of Amis J. Mamątow Sp.J. is located in Olsztyn. Due to the company’s dynamic development, it has been moved to a larger building, what made the business grow even faster. At the newly built seat, situated on the suburbs of Olsztyn, you can find a laboratory with advanced equipment, as well as a warehouse meeting the most demanding requirements. The company employs well-educated and well-trained staff responsible for effective customer service by direct approach to clients and identifying their individual needs. The representatives are not only salesmen. They also perform as technical staff ready to give professional information and help customers in case of any technological problem.

Amis J. Mamątow Sp.J. aims at creating a highly developed distribution system all over Poland and Eastern Europe in order to cooperate with its business partners in the most efficient possible way.